Welcome to my humble home. I had the whole portfolio thing with images of sites I’ve created but those sites all actually sucked since I created them 5 years ago. I don’t even freelance anymore, so no need for them.

I am an expert front-end web developer, an online marketer, and a decent web designer.

I currently work with a wonderful group of people at Arena Solutions where I am the Online Marketing Manager in charge of things like search engine marketing, paid search marketing, lead generation, and website operations. I freakin love my job.

I also co-founded the website One Night Music with my twin brother Ryan Andersen. I lovingly crafted every single bit of code and design for the site. While I am immensely proud of my work there and continue to improve it, the code is often a tad sloppy. But screw that. It’s a killer site that I built from scratch by myself. Bet you couldn’t do that.

I can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Flickr. I can list off more sites, but they’re not worth your time right now.